I Like Books – 37 Picture Books for Kids in 1 App – Wonderful collection, Can’t believe it is FREE

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I Like Books - 37 Picture Books for Kids in 1 App

I Like Books - 37 Picture Books for Kids in 1 App

I Like Books – 37 Picture Books for Kids in 1 App by GrasshopperApps.com: Anyone who follows us on FB or on our blog knows we love Grasshoppperapps.  They pick the best pictures for their books and allows tons of customization on their apps including these books. You can record your own voice, type your own story, Since you can edit the text and the recording you can use it with for any lanuage.

I don’t do any customization. I use the way they are as they are good as is too.  The voice over is professionally done so there is no need for me to mess it up :-)


Developer Notes:

Brought to you by popular demand from thousands of parents…. the “I Like Books” collection which contains all 37 stunning I Like books in one single app.

The “I Like” children’s picture books are a magical way to enjoy stories with your child. Not only are the stories and pictures fun… they also help your child learn about the world they live in. It is a fantastic learning experience for kids of all ages from 0 to 6. The little ones will enjoy listening to lovely stories while looking at gorgeous pictures that are carefully chosen. Toddlers will love the interactivity of the picture books and click on items to discover new words. Young kids will enjoy these books to learn how to read as they see each word individually highlighted in red at the exact moment the audio is played back.

If your little one loves hearing new stories and learning about new things, then the “I Like” picture books will become one of their most treasured apps and soon they will even be able to read them on their own!

I Like Books Included:

I Like Animals, I Like Boats
I Like Cats, I Like Colors
I Like Dad, I Like Dogs
I Like Drawing, I Like Fall
I Like Grandma, I Like Grandpa
I Like Horses, I Like Leaves
I Like Letters, I Like Math
I Like Mom, I Like Montessori
I Like Music, I Like My Body
I Like My Brother, I Like My Sister
I Like Numbers, I Like Pets
I Like Planes, I Like Reading
I Like School, I Like Shapes
I Like Snow, I Like Spring
I Like Sticks, I Like Stones
I Like Stories, I Like Summer
I Like Trains, I Like Trucks
I Like Water, I Like Winter
I Like Writing


✔ Add your own voice – record the entire story in mommy’s or daddy’s voice
✔ Word highlights – click on any word and hear it being read out loud
✔ Supports three playback modes – read to me, read by myself, and auto-play which automatically turns from page to page
✔ Uses real, crisp professional images that are carefully designed vs. cartoonish illustrations
✔ Fun & engaging voice artist keeps kids engaged
✔ Multi-sensory learning tool – combining seeing, hearing, and tactile feedback
✔ Multi-language support – since you can edit all existing items and sounds so you can record everything in your native tongue


✔ Customize story – you can fully customize the entire story and even change it!
✔ Record your own voice – you can record everything in your own voice
✔ Change the story – want to personalize the story and change it, no problem, everything is customizable
✔ Add picture highlights – if you want your child to learn a particular object in the photo, just click on it and add the word and recording. You can even adjust the area of what can be highlighted and make it bigger and smaller
✔ Playback mode – at any time you can either play back the original story or the one that has been customized by you
✔ Story highlights – Turn on / off the ability to have each word is highlighted as the story is being read
✔ Word highlights – Turn on / off the ability to highlight words
✔ Picture highlights – Turn on / off the ability to click on picture highlights to make the story either more immersive or less distracting
✔ Page swiping – Turn on / off the ability to move from page to page by click vs. by finger swiping too

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