My Word! Reader – Are Whales Smart, or What?- An awesome app for vocab/reading comprehension (already on Nancy’s list)

My Word! Reader - Are Whales Smart, or What?
Overview:  This app is very engaging, especially for students who may struggle with reading the written word, as this app allows the student to press on a word to hear it.  I also love how it gives a visual definition of the vocabulary words from the story, allowing students to connect with unfamiliar words just by a touch of the vocabulary word in the story.   It then reinforces those words in activities following the story with fun, interactive games.  I also loved the Whales in the Wild video at the end!  It is fun for the students to see real whales in their natural habitat!


  • Include a “home” button to return to the beginning of the app at anytime during the story or activities.
  • I also loved the “making sentences” activities, but  I would have liked to see the visual of the written sentences at the end of the activity, so students have some accountability with their word choice and syntax.
  • Another option would be to make a button for the students to email their completed work to the teacher!
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