iLuv Drawing Animals – A very nice step by step drawing learning app with visual/audio prompts

iLuv Drawing Animals - Learn to draw 40 animalsQuick Notes: iLuv Drawing Animals is a learning app that teaches kids (and adults like me).  It has simple step by step voice directions  and visual prompts.  This is self-explanatory and is good for any kid learning to draw.  There are plenty of pictures to draw. If your kid gets tired of this they can move to the free-format drawing but they can add variety of backgrounds if they like. Finally they can use this blank template to draw whatever they want as there several colors/line sizes available to create whatever they can imagine.

IEP Goals Covered: Art, Following visual directions, Fine Motor

  • The verbal instructions are too many.  We basically turned it off as it was not really necessary for the drawing as the visual prompts are more than enough. For kids with auditory processing issues this is a distraction. Just turn off the volume.
  • Minor issue but the order of icons in the main page are of same size and is confusing where to start.
Wish list
  • The blank template is at the end and for someone who wants to use it you have to click 3-4 time the next button. It should be easy to access for kids who need it.
  • Currently there is no Fill option for coloring. It is nice to have a fill so it is easy to color.
Overall Impression - Very nice app as it even allowed me to draw a meaningful picture as you can see below.  The price is awesome. It is only $0.99 and it is a lot less than you pay for a sketch book and you will save tons of paper.

Notes from Developer

Learning to draw a wide choice of popular animals is made easy using ‘iLuv Drawing Animals’. The animals are broken down into very simple traceable templates coupled with friendly voice instructions.

Watch a demo video at

When we could not find any app that teaches kids how to draw a wide selection of animals, we created this one :) So we know that this is a unique application ideal for kids who love to draw.

Learn to draw by tracing over simple steps. After the drawing is complete the reference drawing is removed making it look like the drawing you created all by yourself.

‘iLuv Drawing Animals’ is ideal for home schooling.

Use it in schools or use it as cards by sharing your finished art work with friends, family, classmates and teachers.

‘iLuv Drawing Animals’ brings out the creativity within you and your kids.

The vast selection of 40 animals and easy drawing and editing tools makes this app both educational AND entertaining. We believe that it will be a great addition to a selection of educational APPs. You will be a drawing expert within days.

How does it work:

✓Trace over the steps. Retrieve next steps by pressing the right arrow.
✓Repeat until the drawing is complete.
✓After the drawing is complete, the reference drawing disappears and only the traced drawing remains.
✓The reference drawing can be retrieved any time by pressing the dotted smiley face.

And there is more:

✓Color the finished drawing with paint bucket or simple brush strokes.
✓Create a background or add from a selection of 30 beautiful backgrounds.
✓Save to a drawing book or photo library
✓Edit the drawings saved in the drawing book.
✓Share by email or Facebook
✓Use blank canvass to practice what you learned.


✓Eraser, start over, undo and redo options.
✓6 brush sizes for pencil stroke or coloring.
✓Paint bucket feature to color into closed areas.
✓Very fat brush to fill in big spaces.
✓Easy to use interface
✓Friendly voiced instructions.
✓Works well with a stylus.

Various usages:

✓You can learn by tracing on the ipad
✓Or by following the steps on a paper.
✓Grown ups can learn to draw themselves and teach the steps to the kids.
✓Ideal for homeschooling.


Bear, beaver, camel, cat, cow, crab, crocodile, dog, dolphin, donkey, duck, elephant, fish, frog, giraffe, hippo, jellyfish, kangaroo, koala, lion, monkey, mouse, owl, panda, parrot, penguin, pig, porcupine, rabbit, rhino, rooster, shark, sheep, skunk, snake, tiger, tortoise, toucan, whale.

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