GlowTunes – A unique app that combines drawing and music – Good to use as reinforcer


Quick Notes:  This is an app that is a drawing app merged with music and animation.  Very nicely done. Even if you are not in to this, this can be used as reinforcer. We buy so many reinforcers to use with the kids, this will be a good one to add to the collection. It is FREE until midnight  Halloween day.



Developer Notes

GlowTunes is a one of a kind application for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch that combines light and sound to create stunning works of art!

The concept is simple: select the instrument of your choice, draw anything you’d like by turning on and off light pixels, then press play and watch as your unique drawing comes to life and creates it’s very own beautiful melody!

Turn on Rainbow Mode to create with every color of the rainbow at the same time!

Love your creation? GlowTunes save function allows you to save and load your drawings so you can show your friends!

- Universal App means one purchase and you own it for all of your devices!
- A vivid 8 color drawing palette
- Rainbow Mode
- Save/Load your creations
- Changeable canvas colors
- Customizable Pixels/Animations
- Play speed controls
- Plenty of instruments to choose from!
- HD Graphics for Retina Display and iPad

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