Lulu in Australia – Beautiful original book app with beautiful graphics and songs (yes hiphop)

Lulu in Australia

Quick Review: This is beautiful interactive book is about a little girl’s journey thru Australia. The voice narration & the songs (yes it has some original hiphop songs) are wonderful.  You don’t need to read a review. Just watch the video.  The app has interactivity in each page and as a bonus they added a puzzle activity too.  This developer has great future and they already planned a sequel to this :-)

IEP Goals/Skills Covered: 

Lulu and her cat Zazou crisscross Australia from north to south in a camper. They experience local customs, beautiful scenery, astonishing new games… It’s an adventure for all budding globetrotters.

★ What is this application? It’s an interactive book, one with animation, mini-games, warm narration, funny dialogue, realistic sound effects, original music, sumptuous illustrations…

★ Not only will children ages 2 to 6 have fun, they will strengthen their age-specific developmental skills: colors, spatialization, speech, music, foreign languages, openness to the world…

★ It’s easy to use! The young reader listens to the story and interacts fully using the features of his or her digital tablet. By moving his or her fingers over the pages, the child discovers each active element, leading from one new surprise to the next as the book is read and reread.

★ Young explorers can go on a tour around the country using 14 different worlds… and a funny jumble game.

You can have fun right now watching the trailer of Lulu in Australia :

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