Teaching Money/Coins – Results of quest to find the best ideas out there.

One of the goals we are working on are teaching Money. So I went fishing on google and here are some of the results. I will update this post as I see more. If you have some ideas, post it in comments

Non-Screen based (ex: ipad/computer) activities

Activity Mom - How Many in a Dollar (includes printable worksheet)


Parts of a Dollar – From Louisiana Department of Education


 Jungle Coins - is an app to teach coins for the elementary school kids.   It has several modules within it. Learn module introduces the coins to the kids. It has some facts about the coins like who is on the head and what is on the tail etc.. Kids can flip the coins to see the other side if they want to.






PennyMe (FREE)


Learn to use U.S. coins with PennyMe! With true-to-life coin images and sounds, PennyMe is like having real coins in your hand. Games simulate real-life situations and foster quick math skills. See how fast you can calculate! How many can you get right in a row?

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