Count the Animals! for iPad – An awesome app to teach counting while having fun

Count the Animals! for iPad

Count the Animals - Whenever I hear counting app, these questions popped up in my mind immediately. How many counting apps we have. Do we need another one? Can any one do a bettter job than what is already out there?  The team at created an app that is unique, funny and yet interactive picture book format app. I absolutly love this for the qualify of graphics and the way they presented counting. When once you get to the business of counting it is pretty good. You can not only teach numbers from 1-20 but it has tons of configurations to meet your kids needs.  You can even count backwards. You can read the rest of the features below or by watching video or playing with the Lite version.

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Overall impression: An aswesome app that engages kids while teaching counting.


Notes from Developer

“I believe apps like these are still hard to find but make the app-shop so much more interesting, creative and worth visiting with your kids.”
- Irene Hoofs,

* New and Noteworthy in the USA, Canada, China and Mexico and the Nr 1 Staff Favorite in Japan *

Witty interactive picturebook for toddlers and pre-schoolers learning to count.

Learn to count from one to 20, while playfully poking at one stubborn pony, magically pop three rabbits out of a black hat or rescuing a delicious pie from 20 very hungry ants.

- learn to count from 1 to 20
- develop the pre-math skill of connecting numbers to quantities
- learn cause and effect by tapping on an animal and see what it does
- learn to count in 16 languages
- and much more…

- quirky artwork with a vintage feel by Dutch illustrator Caroline Ellerbeck
- beautiful animation and unexpected effects
- tap on the animals with your fingers to make them jump/wriggle/fly and walk
- available in 16 languages, from Arabic to Portuguese to Swiss German and many more

For younger children:
- just tap the animals and experience ‘more’, ’less’ and ‘a lot’ or ‘a few’
For older children:
- hear the numbers spoken aloud, learn to count from 1 to 20 – and even backwards
For parents:
- learn to count in another language
- switch off the voice-over and guide your child yourself
- switch on the voice-over and let your child play by itself
- start basic mathematics: ‘poke one more turtle – how many do you have left?’

Count the Animals! contains these 16 languages (Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese, Slovakian, Spanish, Swedish, Swiss German)

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