Category TherAppy By Tactus Therapy Solutions Ltd.

By Helen Wagner

Overall Impression

Category TherAppy is a great resource for improving cognitive, word-finding, reasoning and problem solving deficits via categorization skills development. I would personally use this primarily with middle school students through adults. The ability to select from three difficulty levels is a plus! The app is straight forward, easy to navigate, and allows for plenty of practice.


Overall Rating: 5

Appy Ratings (Appy’s):

  • Educational Value: 5
  • Entertains/Engages User: 4
  • Customization/Settings: 5
  • Value for the money: 5
  • Ease of Navigation:5
  • Quality of Graphics: 4
  • Overall Rating: 5


  • Cognition
  • Reasoning
  • Language
  • Semantic Relationships


  • Problem Solving Skills
  • Receptive Language
  • Sorting/Categorization
  • Vocabulary
  • Word Finding

Age Group:

  • Middle School (Age 11-13)
  • High School (Age 14-18)
  • College
  • Parents


Category TherAppy, by Tactus Therapy, is intended for those with impaired language and cognitive abilities “due to stroke, brain injury, learning disability, autism, or developmental delay”. The stated purpose is to improve word-finding skills and encourage reasoning. Category TherAppy is an app which enables one to work on categorization skills across three difficulty levels utilizing photo stimuli.

To begin: Select Easy (Concrete Categories), Medium (Subcategories), or Hard (Abstract Categories). Within each difficulty level, there are 4 areas of activities to choose from:
1. Find: Select the item that is a member of the category presented on the screen.
2. Classify: Select the category that the target item belongs to from the choices given.
3. Exclude: Select the item that does not belong with the choices given.
4. Add One: Select an item that completes a series of 4 items based on shared category membership.

Categories to choose from include: Animals, Body Parts, Buildings, Clothing, Colors, Containers, Electronics, Food, Forms of Transportation, Furniture, Jobs, Landscapes, Letters, Materials, Musical Instruments, Numbers, Plants, Rooms, Shapes, Sports, Tools, Toys.

Settings: The user can select the number of trials presented during a practice session, and whether the stimulus items are displayed as Words Only, Pictures Only, or Words with Pictures. The field size of items can be selected, with a small field showing 2 to 3 answer choices, a medium field displaying 3 to 4 words, or a large field which will show 4 to 6 items.
Data can be emailed. A child-friendly mode can be selected to turn off reference to alcohol or violence and will disable the links to outside sites on the Home screen. Audio Reinforcement of Category can be turned on or off. This app can be used by a therapist, teacher, family member or independently.


  • Consider enabling the user to enlarge the stimulus items shown on screen. Many of the users who could benefit from this app are older adults who may have vision problems. Some of the stimuli are difficult to see in small format.

Price and Download link


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The most powerful and comprehensive app available for teaching categorization skills for speech therapy, special education, and stroke rehab!

Try this app for FREE by downloading Category TherAppy Lite!

Four activities:
*Add One

Three levels: Concrete Categories, Subcategories, & Abstract Categories

Approximately 700 images in 70 categories!

This professional speech therapy app is so versatile – it can go from a simple activity such as “Find the animal” up to “Find the one that doesn’t belong” for a selection of abstract categories such as “hot things”, requiring inferencing and reasoning to figure out how the items are alike before knowing which item to exclude. Hints are built-in to enable independent practice. You control which categories to target!

Items can be presented as words, picture, or both with each word pronounced in real speech with a neutral North American accent. WIth the words and speech paired together, users can improve their reading skills or choose to challenge themselves with only one mode of presentation.

As with all the TherAppy apps (Language TherAppy, Visual Attention TherAppy, and Spaced Retrieval TherAppy), scoring is automated with a detailed email summary of results!

The app is completely operated with a simple touch gesture for students and patients with limited physical dexterity.

This app is perfect for adult rehab with a clean interface, real photos, and functional vocabulary. Child-friendly mode turns this app into a wonderful tool for schools and pediatric therapy.

Works on every size of iOS device with full Retina support.

No Ads, No In-App Purchases, No Personal Info Collected, Links can be Disabled.

Category TherAppy can be purchased for half-price through the Apple Education Volume Purchase Program! Put this powerful therapy tool in the hands of every therapist in your district!





About Helen:

  • Helen Wagner is an experienced public school SLP. She loves to use technology with her students.



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